World's First AI-Empowered Solution for 80 Million People Who Stutter

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Our vision is to create a new normal, where correcting speech with FluxBuds® will be just as natural as correcting vision with spectacles




FluxBuds Device


Introducing FluxBuds® – a revolutionary, patent-pending technology empowered by AI-driven voice feedback. Configured to sensorially mute aberrant neural circuits associated with stuttering, FluxBuds® represent a scientific breakthrough in treating this condition. FluxBuds® personalizes the speech-feedback for a robust effect. As a result, neural decoding of speech is redirected, allowing the speech articulation network to become fluent. The result is instant speech normalization, offering unprecedented reliability and effectiveness, even in severe cases.

Persistently Effective



FluxBuds®’ unique features:
  1. Neuro-Efficient Speech Feedback: FluxBuds® align with neural principles of human speech processing, presenting a revolutionary brain-targeted approach to stuttering treatment.
  2. Longevity of Fluency-Effect: FluxBuds® offer the freedom of time-unrestricted application due to a patent-pending anti-adaptation technology, ensuring sustained speech fluency effectiveness.
  3. 100% Stigmatization-Free Design: Unlike competitors solutions, FluxBuds® seamlessly integrate with life-style earbuds (e.g., Apple AirPods Pro), ensuring a stigma-free experience for users.
  4. Suitable for Daily Interaction: FluxBuds® guarantee daily usability with no pitch alterations or delays, preserving full speech intelligibility during all interactions. This contributes to the highest level of user compliance

Stigma Free

Target group

Target group

FluxBuds® are designed to empower individuals with a chronic stutter of all ages, irrespective of the severity of their stuttering. FluxBuds® are language agnostic ensuring seamless functionality in any language of the user.

FluxBuddies® are tailored to fit needs of kids (8+) & tweens, when stuttering is perceived as most severe. These come with special usability and health & safety features that approriate them for the most formative years.

FluxBuds® and FluxBuddies are currently available for pre-order. Be among the first to experience their life-changing benefits and embark on a journey towards confident, stutter-free communication.
Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to register as a patient or if you have any questions or concerns


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